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Published 21st January 2017

I always love the start of a new year - full of anticipation and plans for the forthcoming months.  This last year we have seen some seismic political changes here in the UK and over the pond in the USA, with no-one knowing what the future holds for farming here or there.  With both our countries promising to focus more on our domestic needs I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share with you all, my A to Z List of Food Grown or Produced in Lincolnshire. I produced this list as part of my contribution to British Food Fortnight 2016 (I am a Community Volunteer East Midlands for

So you will see me use even more of these artisan foods in the recipes I create in the future.  I feel it is so important to support my fellow farmers and food producers, who really do produce some of the best food in the world, compassionate in the way they rear their animals, working in harmony with the environment and providing jobs for local people and contributing to the local economy.  So why not join me and try a few of the foods off my list!  Simply "Google" the producer's name shown in the brackets and you'll find all their contact details - or check out our @Ownsworths Facebook from October 2016 and you'll find photos and contact details there.

Ronnie's A to Z of Foods Grown and Produced In Lincolnshire

A is for ASPARAGUS (Abbey Parks Farm; Syston Fruit Farm Shop; Hill Hoe Farm)
A is for APPLE JUICE/APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Skidbrooke Cyder)      
B is for BACON (Redhill Farm; Grasmere Butchers and lots of local Lincolnshire butchers)
B is for BEER (8-Sail Brewery; Oldershaw Brewers; Batemans)
B is for BREAD (Welbourne's Bakery; Myers Bakery; Hambletons Bakery)    
C is for CHINE (Meridian Meats; Ancaster Butchers; R Wisby Butchers)
C is for CHEESE (Cotehill Cheese; Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese; Lymm Bank Cheese)
C is for CAKES (Catherine Shaw celebration cakes; Pocklington's Bakery, Gadsby Bakery of Lincolnshire Co-op)
C is for CRISPS (Pipers Crisps)
C is for CHOCOLATE (Duffy's; The Chocolate Drop)
D is for DIPS (Dip Society from Market Rasen)
D is for DUCKS (Cherry Valley Farms Ltd from Caistor)
E is for EGGS (Fairburns Eggs; Lincolnshire Farm Eggs; Primrose Eggs)
F is for FISH (Chapmans Fish Cakes; East Lincs Seafoods)
F is for FLOUR (Maud Foster Windmill; Alford Windmill; Heckington Windmill)
G is for GOATS CHEESE (Goatwood Farm)
G is for GINGERBREAD (Grantham Gingerbread)
G is for GINGERBEER (Batemans)
G is for GREENS (Windy Ridge Veg Lt)
H is for HASLET (Curtis of Lincoln; Grasmere Butchers, Redhill Farm; Meridian Meats)
H is for HONEY (Ponts; Croft Apiaries, Artisan Honey)
H is for HERBS (Candlesby Herbs; Pepperidge Ltd; County Herbs & Plants Ltd)
I is for ICE-CREAM (Dennetts; Daisy Made Ice-cream, Bill Grundy's Ice-cream)
J is for JAM (Jenny's of Lincoln; A Little Luxury Ltd)
K is for KALE (Strawberry Fields)
L is for LAMB (Gelston Lamb; Victoria's Lamb; Thorpe Latimer Traditional Farm Meats)
L is for LETTUCE and salad crops (Jepco group of growers in Lincolnshire)
L is for LEMON CORDIAL (Peter's Eden)
M is for MUSTARDS (Saints & Sinners; A Little Luxury Ltd)
M is for MILK & HONEY DRINKS (Milk & Honey Dairy Co)
N is for NETTLES! found everywhere and free!  Makes a great pesto with rapeseed oil!
O is for OSTRICH (Oslinc)
P is for POTATOES (Branston Potatoes; Burgess Farm Shop in Waddington; Lamymans)
P is for PEAS (South Lincolnshire Pea Growers)
P is for PUMPKINS (David Bowman Pumpkins in Spalding)
P is for PIZZA!  "LINCOLNSHIRE DAY CELEBRATION PIZZA" - a recipe created by me to celebrate our County's special day using nothing but local ingredients in the shape of the Lincolnshire Flag!
Q is for QUAIL (Pasture Poultry of Louth)
R is for RAPESEED OIL (Ownsworth's of Fulbeck)
R is for RASPBERRIES (Willow Farm at Chapel St Leonards)
R is for RABBIT and pheasant/partidge/hare (Ruskington Poultry Co)
S is for SAUSAGES (Boston Sausage; Nelson's and so many other Lincolnshire Butchers producing their own special flavours)
S is for STRAWBERRIES (Syston Fruit Farm; Wigtoft Strawberries)
S is for SEAFOOD (East Lincs Seafoods)
S is for SAUCES (Sweet Heat Chilli; Jenny's of Lincoln)
T is for TURKEY (Picks Organic Farmer & Grower Shop)
T is for TEA and coffee blends (Stokes of Lincoln)
U is for UNPASTEURIZED MILK (Cotehill Cheese; Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese)
V is for VENISON (Fen Farm Venison)
V is for VODKA (Percy's Vodka Iced Teas)
V is for VEGETABLES (Strawberry Fields and various farmers throughout Lincolnshire)
V is for VINEGARS (Fred & Bex Flavoured Vinegars; Saints & Sinners)
W is for WINE (Ownsworth's of Fulbeck; Somerby Vineyard)
W is for WOOD PIGEON (Ruskington Poultry Co)
X is for "XMAS CAKE & XMAS TREATS" (made throughout Lincolnshire by bakers, preserves and chutney makers, wine and oil producers, chocolate and cheese makers - make sure you visit the Food & Gift Fair on Lincolnshire Showground at the end of November each year!)
Y is for YOGHURTS frozen (Blyton Dairy Ice-cream)
Z is for ZUCCHINI courgette (DGM Growers)

..... and these are just producers and growers I have found, but I'm always on the look out for more!  I can honestly say that we do like to buy off many of these Lincolnshire businesses - their food and drink is second to none and the advice and help they personally offer means that I know exactly how they farm or rear their animals, the provenance of the products and how to get the most of our their quality food.  All my seasonal recipes I create using food from my A to Z list use our rapeseed oil, which complements the seasonal and locally grown food so well ... Until next month - kindest regards and "Keeping Cooking!"