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Published 30th March 2020

As I type this month's blog, there's an air of trepidation and anxiety in the air - I am of course referring to the effect that Covid-19 seems to be having on our communities and country.  Following our Prime Minister addressing the nation on 23rd March, informing us all that a process called Lock-Down would immediately commence and that we should all stay home to protect our NHS and save lives.  Goodness - how did a seemingly isolated problem in China spread so quickly across the world?

We have been informed that we should only venture out for essential food, medicines and work.  Essential food for us has always been fresh meat from our local butchers, crisp Lincolnshire vegetables from our productive county and medicines (I'm very lucky that I very rarely ail and honey is my first go to for a sore throat - local honey of course).

We are very lucky where we live and are surrounded by many small food producers, farm shops and independent butchers, greengrocers and bakers, so staying close to home and buying some of the locally produced food and drink won't be difficult and as a close village and community we are already pulling together to support our elderly population and those more vulnerable than ourselves to pick up shopping, medicines etc on their behalf.

The phone has already been ringing from our usual stockists requesting more of our home-grown oil and we've also been very busy sending out 5 litre cans from our online shop orders so I guess that a few people must be baking and making bread.

There has never been a better time for our communities to search out and either visit or have deliveries made to them, of our hard working local food and farm shop providers.  I'm already hearing back from some of our stockists that they have already seen new faces queuing up at their premises, some who previously had no idea that they had such amazing places on their doorsteps!  I do hope that the public will continue to support these local businesses who are doing an amazing job of increasing their stock levels, working much longer hours to keep up with demand, whilst many sacrificing time away from their own families.

So you can rest assured we are busy pressing and bottling more of your favourite rapeseed oil - we've plenty for everyone!

I'll catch up with you all next month - but in the meantime - stay safe and enjoy cooking and baking using your local, British food!