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Published 20th July 2017

Just a quick update on what's been happening on the farm this month as I want to share a delicious family favourite recipe with you using summer vegetables, and a very delicious artisan cider vinegar made here in the county of Lincolnshire.

We held our Annual Groups Day Visit on 6th July and this year had 108 ladies and gentlemen attend on one of the hottest days of the year!  A superb turn-out and everyone said how much they had enjoyed Andrew's talks about how he farms on our Lincolnshire Cliff farm.  We managed to squeeze everyone into the newly renovated Fulbeck Village Hall and there wasn't a crumb left of all the lovely food I had made to showcase the versatility of our rapeseed oil.  We won't be holding this event next year as there are two weddings being held on our farm (one of them our eldest son Tom marrying the lovely Laura).  Don't be disappointed as I am already thinking of new ideas of events to keep you all inspired and interested!!

The oilseed rape harvest started earlier this year - well the crops were earlier than normal and it was all going well until the rain came and my have we had some rain.  Farmers across the country report inclement weather in their areas - so folks - it's what we technically call "a snatch and grab harvest" this year.  Even when the rain stops we all need a day or two for the wind to blow, the sun to shine and dry the crops sufficiently to restart the combine harvester.  The young team of workers are all keyed up to work the long hours needed this harvest to get the best quality grain in the sheds.  

Oh and by the way I must tell you our latest good news - following our Visit England inspection of (our holiday cottage on the farm) we've been award GOLD 4* again!! That means we've been a Gold award property since we opened for business in 2010.  

Do try and get a chance to try this tasty recipe and I'd love to hear from you.  Love Lincolnshire produce? Make sure you listen to Amy Claridge's Lincolnshire Kitchen on BBC Radio Lincolnshire every Thursday evening between 6pm and 7pm 94.9fm, on digital and online and if you miss a programme then you can listen again for up to a month on BBC iplayer.  Until next month .....

Pan-fried fillet of Mackerel with spaghetti vegetables and Apple Cider Mayonnaise

This dish uses local and English ingredients and is perfect for a light lunch or supper and serves 2 people.  (Add minty local new potatoes to transfer this into a main course)


2 mackerel fillets

2 tablespoons Maud Foster stoneground plain flour

Pinch of salt and ground black pepper

Drizzle of Ownsworth’s Rapeseed Oil


1 carrot (washed and peeled)

1 green courgette (washed, topped and tailed)

1 cooked beetroot (chopped up into cubes)

2 tablespoons Fred & Bex Blackberry Vinegar




2 egg yolks

2 tablespoons Skidbrooke Cyder Apple Cider Vinegar

Pinch of salt and pepper

300 ml Ownsworth’s Rapeseed Oil

˝ teaspoon Colman’s mustard powder


Method (mayonnaise)


Put the 2 egg yolks into a large mixing bowl with a pinch of salt and pepper and stir to combine.  Next drizzle in the rapeseed oil a bit at a time and whisk with a hand whisk for a couple of minutes until the sauce becomes thick and smooth.  Finally add the apple cider vinegar and mustard powder and whisk gently – this is a delicious light tasting mayonnaise and the apple cider vinegar is something special!


Using a spaghetti vegetable peeler or spiralizer, create the carrot and courgette spaghetti then  place the vegetables in a microwaveable bowl and pour over 2 tablespoons of blackberry vinegar, mix together and cover with a plate.  Microwave for 2 minutes and keep warm.


Put 2 tablespoons of Maud Foster plain flour onto a large plate, add a pinch of salt and ground black pepper and stir to combine.  Press the 2 mackerel fillets onto the seasoned flour to coat the skin side, then turn over and repeat with the flesh side, ensuring you have an even coating of the flour on both sides.


Drizzle a little rapeseed oil into a large frying pan and heat to a high heat.  Place the mackerel fillets skin side down carefully pressing the fish flat into the rapeseed oil.  Cook for approximately 2 to 3 minutes until the skin is golden and lightly crisp, flip over and cook the flesh side a couple of minutes until soft and cooked through.


For each person, heap up half of the vegetable spaghetti, surrounded by beetroot cubes.  Place a dollop of apple cider mayonnaise on the side, then positon your mackerel fillet on top of vegetable spaghetti stack. 


Vegetarian Option:  Sprinkle paprika and garlic powder onto tofu as your mackerel substitute