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CHERRY? or RASPBERRY cake? You choose!

Published 13th July 2019

Cherry? or Raspberry? cake 

I had an amazing day at Doddington Hall Farm Shop today with so many visitors and customers popping along to my "Tastings Table" in the shop.  Everyone loved my 2 cakes, both made in the identical way BUT one was flavoured with cherry jam and topped with cherry icing, the other was flavoured with raspberry jam and topped with raspberry jam.  Loads of you asked if I would post the recipe on my blog - so rather than wait until August I've squeezed in this extra July blog.

So guys! you can choose which one to make OR like me - bake both!  I'd love to hear back from you and if you want to take a picture and post on our Twitter page @ownsworths that would be great!

Cake Ingredients:

175g (6 oz) self-raising flour

175g (6 oz) white sugar

200ml (7 fl oz) Ownsworths rapeseed oil

100g (4 oz) Morello Cherry Jam OR Raspberry Jam

4 medium eggs, beaten

Icing Topping:

Cherry Jam OR Raspberry Jam 

Icing Sugar

Pre-heat oven to 180 ˚C/350 ˚F/Gas Mark 4 and line a 1lb loaf tin (I like to use the easy cake liners).

In a mixing bowl, using a wooden spoon or hand whisk, combine the self-raising flour, sugar, cherry OR raspberry jam, oil and eggs to make a batter.

Pour the batter mixture into the prepared tin and cook in the oven for approximately 30-35 minutes, or until well risen and thoroughly cooked.  Test by inserting a cake skewer or wooden kebab skewer in the centre to check the middle is cooked and the skewer comes out clean.

Remove from the tin and liner and place on a wire cooling tray.

When thoroughly cooled you can make your icing by adding a few teaspoons of your chosen jam to icing sugar until you make a soft but firm "jammy" icing.  Spread evenly over the top of your cake "loaf".

Decorate the cherry cake with a few cherries (leave the stalks on to stand up and add interest) or a few firm raspberries on the raspberry cake.

Glad you loved the cakes today and thank you for asking me to post them on this blog!  See you again at another tasting day!