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Sunday Roasts

The Perfect Roast Potatoes

Next time you are having a roast - par-boil a pan of potatoes for approximately 10 minutes, drain and with the pan lid on, shake to "rough up" the edges. 

Meanwhile pour some of our rapeseed oil into a large roasting dish, pop in a hot oven (220 degrees C/425 degrees F/ Gas Mark 7) to bring up heat then take out of the oven.  Using tongs or a couple of spoons carefully transfer the part cooked potatoes into the roasting dish, turning them to evenly coat with hot oil.

You can sprinkle a little sea salt over the spuds, or sprigs of rosemary and/or lemon juice to add even more flavour.  Place the dish back in the oven and roast until golden brown and crispy!  Delicious!

You can do exactly the same with your roast parsnips too!

Our rapeseed oil is suitable for vegetarians and is also dairy free.

The Perfect Roast Pork

We love to cook a pork joint for the weekend, with wedges of apples, onions and garlic, herbs and spices and so easy to do.  Ask your local butcher to cut you a special piece with fat on to make some delicious crispy crackling, drizzle with some of our rapeseed oil before sprinkling over your favourite herbs (we like Herbes de Provence) and pressing the herbs into the cuts on the top of the joint and around the sides.  

Pack your vegetables around the pork, cover with tin foil and roast as normal until the meat is tender and the crackling crispy.  Delicious! 

Our rapeseed oil is suitable for vegetarians and is also dairy free.

The Perfect Roast Vegetables

Whether you're roasting vegetables for a main dish, side dish or to whizz up and make into soup - a roasting dish full of a selection of your favourite root vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, fennel or artichokes (sprinkled with or without herbs and spices) tastes even more delicious when you drizzle some of our rapeseed oil the top.  Our rapeseed oil can naturally cook at a high temperature and adds another depth of flavour to this dish.

Our rapeseed oil is suitable for vegetarians and is also dairy free.


The Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

Everyone has their favourite Yorkshire Pudding recipe (we like the one on the BBC Good Food website with 4 eggs) but what makes the ones we cook amazing is how well they rise!

Simply drizzle a little of our rapeseed oil into your Yorkshire pudding tin, pop in the oven to bring to a high heat ready to pour in your batter.  As our cold pressed rapeseed oil has a naturally high smoking point, you can get the oil really hot!  Twenty minutes in the oven and you get tall, light and fluffy Yorkshires!