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Published 18th November 2018

We often get asked about our home-grown rapeseed oil and the difference in quality between ours and the cheap refined rapeseed oils you can buy in the supermarkets.

Well for starters, we plant a variety of oilseed rape seed which suits our limestone and ironstone soils perfectly, on our farm here in Fulbeck.  Then it's the way we carefully store and clean the seed ready for cold pressing in our special "Oil Pressing Shed", which we designed with guidance from our local Environmental Services Department.

When we cold press the seed, every care is taken to look after the seed and the pressed oil before it is bottled, labelled and boxed by us ready to dispatch to wholesale and retail customers.  We are pressing constantly, so you can feel assured that you are getting the freshest cold pressed rapeseed oil throughout the year - in other words we don't stockpile mountains of bottles of oil which sit waiting around all year.  It's important to us that you have a quality product which has been prepared with care and attention and LOVE. 

Our first pressing, cold pressed rapeseed oil is full of flavour.  The seed we have chosen to plant on our limestone and ironstone soils definitely gives us our unique "Ownsworth's Rapeseed Oil" delicious taste which is perfect in baking, cooking and frying - not to mention salad dressings and flavoured oils.

Then there's the colour - the image on this blog shows the difference in colour between our cold pressed rapeseed oil and a bottle of cheap refined rapeseed oil.  Ownsworth's first pressed, cold pressed rapeseed oil is a rich oil and golden in colour and is pressed from the little black oilseed rape seeds we harvested from our fields, which you can see next to our bottle.  Refined rapeseed oil, in contrast, is pale and thinner in consistency and could be a blend of rapeseed oil from several different producers from the UK or around the world.  Next to the black oilseed rape seeds you can see some green pellets - these are the by-product pellets from us pressing our black oilseed rape seeds and contain the outer husk of the seed and about 13% oil.  

We can feed these green pellets to our cattle as a feed supplement, but mass produced cheap, refined oils can be made from repressing pellets like these by heating the pellets up and chemically extracting that 13% or so oil, before preserving the oil for stability.  

We are always delighted to hear how much you all love our oil and continue to support us.  

Many thanks from the Ownsworth Family !